Enjoying your holiday, even on a budget

From Choma

Whether it’s because you’re trying to save up, or that you’re going through a bit of a financial rough patch, being strapped for cash in the holiday season sucks. But why let that stop you from creating new memories this December? Here are some pocket-friendly ways to fill up your holiday social calendar.

Get your hands dirty

This one’s for you, the more hands-on, craft loving choma. Starting your own veggie garden could be a great, relaxing way to unwind from the crazy year it’s been and keep your time occupied all while creating a healthier environment for yourself. Gardening has been proven to be a good form of stress relief and exercise while contributing to better mental health, as well as more greens on your plate. Another fun form of relaxation is to gather your closest chomas and host a collective home-made spa day, where you each contribute natural ingredients to make all kinds of face masks, foot scrubs and massage oils.

Explore your city

There’s no better way to familiarise yourself with everything around you than to put your adventure shoes on and just get out there. It may seem like everything under the sun costs something, but believe it or not, some things in life are still free-ish. From spending a day at the beach with snacks from home if you’re on the coast, chill sessions at your local public swimming pool and taking a hike through a local city park, to visiting the free theatre shows, art galleries and history museums that your city has to offer- there’s always a way to make sure you can say “been there, done that” (though you might have to pay for the t-shirt).


Speaking of rainy days, there are bound to be a few this December. So why not trade in those endless rain-checks for a chilled game night indoors? As old fashioned as it may seem, board games, cards and the likes are a great way to strengthen bonds and build a healthier relationship with your family or friends. Make it a rule that everyone puts their phones away to maximise the group’s social skills. We often don’t realise how much time we spend on our phones when in the company of our friends and family, or how this can impact negatively on our relationships.

Learn some new skills

Beat the boredom by taking time out to keep your head in the learning game. If you have some money to spare and are near Cape Town or Jozi, Creative Nestlings (CPT), The Hive and JoziHub (JHB) are spaces dedicated to helping young creatives develop their ideas to bring them to life. They offer physical and social spaces to encourage networking between hopeful entrepreneurs, as well as talks and group conversations led by more experienced entrepreneurs who give vital advice and tips on how to make it in the arts and media industries. You’ll find that some of the sessions are free, but some do require a booking in advance. Otherwise a great thing to do is scope the TEDx website for free conference videos, that guarantee valuable learning you might not always get from school.

Wear your entrepreneurial hat

With all this free time you now have, what better way to use it than to make a little spare change to spend in future? Using what’s readily available to you, make a product to sell and keep your brain stimulated, while earning yourself few extra bucks. Whether you’re into baking and making icy summer sweet treats from scratch, or want to clear out things you just don’t use anymore, a plan can always be made, it doesn’t matter how big or small. Of course you might have to spend a bit of cash to make some back if there aren’t enough resources at your disposal, but you can always look forward to making it back, as long as you remember to keep it simple.

There are endless ways to keep your holiday fun and sophisticated, broke doesn’t always have to mean boring choma. Turn your situation into an opportunity and try something different this holiday season.

From Choma

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