The most important type of insurance?

What would you say is the most important type of insurance?
Angela: Definitely Life insurance. It is very important to leave something behind for your children in case something happens. Not many people know when they are gonna pass so it’s best to always have something for them.
And what about the rest? Death insurance? Medical insurance?
Angela: I think they are all very important. I can’t really regard any of those as not important at all. I just think Life Insurance is the top priority.
Do you have any sort of savings? What are they for?
Angela: I have retirement savings which I started a few years back.
A few years ago? Would you consider that as the best time to start saving for retirement?
Angela: Well it depends. Before I started saving I thought that the pension was going to be enough for me when I retire but with time I realised that it probably won’t be enough so decided to start saving. I would say start saving when you can, preferably as early as possible (when you can afford to).
Photographer: @Tino1b2be Photography
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